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Recipe Gepuk Khas A Special West Java delicious and delicious

Meat is one of the main ingredients of popular and beloved foods especially for certain regions , West Javanese’s gepuk food usually becomes prima donna recommended foods.The distinctive and delicious and appropriate flavor when eating, making this food very popular by many people, especially the people of Java Island.

Despite its many varieties, the regular meat gepuk of West Java is a superior dish because it is easy to find. The manufacturing process itself seems to go through a long process, but it compares with its delicious taste and tongue pampers for all circles, whether it’s the people of Java island or outside Java.

Even the usual dishes of Javanese gepuk , processed meat here you can still find on the Bali island with different characteristics and tastes. Kebo itself is included in one of the processed texture that many people like in terms of texture and taste. Although the process of cooking is very long, the flavor still guarantees that many people contact to continue to eat.

The meat cooked is generally used as the main meal at parties or side dishes on a festive day such as Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha. However, you can also find it in many restaurants or restaurants that provide this menu as the main dish for customers in addition to other processed meats.

Characteristics of Western Javanese meat Gepuk Dishes

West Javanese’s gepuk dish essay is often associated with rendang dishes from Padang, Kalimantan. But when viewed from the shape of the dish, the two cooked meats are very different from texture and taste.In addition, the process of cooking varies when during the completion of these two dishes produce different shapes and texture.

This is because the rendang dish only goes through a complete process of execution if a good spice is absorbed into the meat and the end result is soft but full when eaten. In contrast to the gepuk that needs to go through the beaten process so the meat is slightly penyeted and at the end after camp soaks the meat will be cooked using medium heat.

From the texture alone, the processed rendang dish will look chewing and dense but also give spicy flavor when put on using rice. But for the gepuk dish of Western Javanese itself , the cooked meat needs to go through the processing process so that the cooking is wet into the meat and providefresh but tender beef inside.

Of course, for its taste qualities everyone has their own opinion because the taste cannot be confused by each other’s connoisseurs. If you like processed gepuk meat then of course you can cook it yourself at home. This time we will give you a little recipe for simple processed gepuk meat and certainly easy to cook at home.

Simple Special West Java gepuk Recipe Processing Process

In order to be able to make it yourself at home you first have to prepare the main ingredients that start from the beef according to taste but we recommend using as much as 1kg. Then 1/4 vegetable sauce, 6 cloves, 1/2 kilograms of sugar, 1 kilogram of sugar, 1/2 tbsp of milk, 2 cups of thick milk, 1/2 liters of cooking oil and water to taste.

Add next to all the past ingredients that you have prepared and wash the area before the equivalent of preparing hot water to boil it.  Bear in mind that the special diet of western jeep vaccines requires attention when the meat is boiled and must be dissolved when conditions are made half of the beef that is not too soft.

After shrinking the meat to your taste, here we recommend cutting it along the fiber to give the cutting of the fiber in the meat fiber. When it is all cut, beat the meat to penyet but not until it is completely destroyed. Remember that the meat should not be punched because after this it will be boiled along with other good spices.

Western Javanese gepuk food needs to go through almost the same process as making rendang, i.e. boiling meat until a good spice is absorbed.Continue the previous steps after you cut the meat, heat the milk with other ingredients into the pan using low heat and wait for it to boil and then put letscut into it.

After that you can cut the food while waiting until the spice dipped into the meat. According to many, West Java is famous for people who like to eat fresh vegetables as a processed meat dish. Once the cooking is finished you can flush it with a small heating oil, after which the gepuk meat is ready to be served with fresh rice and vegetables.

Of course, the taste will not be as low as the food served at the famous restaurant or restaurant. Furthermore, by understanding the typical Western gepuk dish, you can make it at any time according to your taste when you need to eat this dish.In addition, this dish also fits the main menu of a party at an important event such as a relative’s gathering or a certain day of celebration.

Always processed meat has many Connoisseurs from various circles

As we know if the processed meat has a lot of fans, especially because it can increase everyone’s appetite. In terms of any meal, beef has always been a favorite dish by many people. Of course, Nusantara food always has its own taste, especially in foods made from beef.

In addition, the processed meat cooking method can also produce its own flavor and texture characteristics to suit the destination for those who like to eat food. From the west to the east of Indonesia, processed meat has its own flavor so it is no exception if the Western Javanese gepuk is  one of the most common dishes today on java and surrounding islands.

The mixture of spices and spices added to the flavor of meat will make everyone who eats it always feel stuck. But because meat has always been a heavy meal, it has enabled Indonesian culture to eat together with rice and vegetables as a contribution to the general food of today’s society.

Popularity of processed meat in every region in Indonesia

Meat dishes always have some of their own connoisseurs, so it is undeniable that many eating businesses now use cooked meat menus as their principal dishes. Whether it’s a street restaurant or a well-known restaurant, of course, western Javanese cuisine is one of the main dishes targeted by many people and food hunters.

With its unique flavor, delicious, sweet and rich in spices, this dish has many fans. In addition to West Java, you can also enjoy this dish anywhere because this dish is common and easy to find in different categories of food stalls and well-known restaurants because it is already famous for its taste.

Of course you can make it yourself a simple recipe first but pay close attention to the steps so that the final result can be in line with expectations. You can also change the usual dishes of Java Gepuk , such as adding chili to spicy taste or sprinkling with serundeng so that the gepuk tastes more savory and delicious.

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