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KPR BCA Realizes Dream of Owning a Low-Interest Home

Now many think that owning a house will be harder because land prices are rising more and more, so a house is just a wishful thought for some people. However, KPR BCA realizes your dream of achieving a comfortable and certainly affordable residence.

So the stereotype of the difficulty of owning a house can be destroyed. KPR BCA understands that workers’ incomes are becoming increasingly incomparable with rising land and house prices. It certainly makes it difficult for people to buy their dream home.

Therefore, the KPR BCA provides a solutionby providinga decent and affordable housing area. Using the HPC system, the accommodation offered by the BCA is paid in amonthlyor credited manner. The BCA will request the building first which is then sold to consumers.

Of course, the payment credit system will not burden consumers, so now home loans are very popular and one way to have a comfortable residence without large capital.

With this, KPR BCA realizes your  dream of being able to own a house with all its advantages compared to other KPR. The following are the reasons why you should choose KPR BCA as a solution to get a safe, comfortable, and affordable residence.

Elements in the PRC System

Before discussing more about mortgage privileges from BCA banks, you need to know the important elements that will always exist in the mortgage world. The following is the explanation for you:

  1. Down payment

A down payment is money given to the developer before they start paying in payments, this money is one of the credit requirements. The amount may be adjusted to the provisions of each HPC.

  1. Iskadenza

Time limitforyour home. The principle is that the longer the deadline lasts, the smaller the number of monthly payments. However, the shorter the deadline taken, the greater the monthly payments you have  to pay.

  1. Interest

The interest rate is additional interest charged to the consumer plus the key interest. Interest rates usually increase every year, so you have to choose a low interest rate mortgage.

For example, the BCA only sets an interest rate of less than 10 %. This is one of KPR BCA’s agendas for realizing the dream of bany ak people who want to have a kenni pat tem kenni.

  1. Certificate Changes

This change in the certificate is closely related to the right of home ownership. Where the house has not been paid, the certificate granted is the right to use the building (HGB). But when your home is paid, then you must change the certificateto a certificate of property rights (SHM).

  1. Entry

Income is your personal monthly income. Because, this is one of the requirements for applying for a mortgage.  You must have a stable and steady income.

Advantages of KPR BCA

BCA Bank is not the only bank to provide mortgages for its customers, but this bank has more advantages than its competitors. These advantages will greatly benefit customers, here are the advantages of KPR BCA:

  1. No Penalty Sanctions

The penalty penalty here is a sanction handed down by the bank when the customer wants to pay the remaining account before the deadline. The amount of penalty to be issued is 1% of the remaining debt. This is certainly very detrimental to you personally.

On that basis, KPR BCA realizes your dream of being able to pay your home faster and without penalty. So, you can feel safe not to be haunted by the trouble.

  1. Free Interest Rate Up to Three Years

Interest rates are something that mostly irritates mortgage customers. Because, the value is quite large and has no impact for you. In contrast to KPR BCA, which does not charge interest rates for up to three years.

Even after three years have passed, bca mortgage rates are very low and won’t burden you.

  1. Easy Requirements

The basic requirements for obtaining a mortgage are very easy. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re not abusiness has been set up for at least two years with adjusted profits.

However, if you are employed at least you must have two years of diving experience and work in a new office for a year. According to his goal, KPR BCA realizes everyone’s dreams with his convenience.


  1. Ippruvat Affidabbli

It’s no secret, if the BCA bank is a bank that almost never experiences major problems. That’s what makes it very reliable of all circles. Therefore, by purchasing KPR BCA , you do not have to worry about being harmed.

  1. Approvazzjoni Rapida

From the application process to approval, KPR BCA is famous for its point to the point and not long-term wind procedures. Therefore, the approval process is very fast.

How to Apply for a Mortgage at BCA Bank

The procedure for applying for a mortgage at this bank is not so complicated, it will also be fully guided by the bank’s official.   KPR BCA realizes its clients’ dreams with an easy process, that is,

  1. Preparing The Required Files

The completeness of the files is one of the main requirements for applying for a mortgage. Files are usually notified by the relevant bank official.

  1. Visit BCA Bank

After all the files are complete, you must come to the bank directly for the credit application process.  You will be guided by the relevant officer on further steps.

After providing the file and finishing after each step, the bank will be  immune for a while. They will get in touch with you  again when the process is complete.

Benefits of using the PRS system

Although the price of a house with a mortgage system costs more than when  you buy it in cash, but because it is paid witha suran grab, it feels easier. On the other hand, KPR BCA realizes everyone’s dream of owning a home, because you realize the enormous benefits of the KPR system.

  1. The charge feels the light because of the diangsur little by little. It’s different if you buy it in cash that you need to spend hundreds of millions of money, of course you feel heavy.
  2. Gsuran per month can be adjusted for monthly income. This is because KPRBCA does not intend to load its customers.
  3. Fortunately, when you resell it whenthe gsuran is ready because the price of the building will continue to rise.
  4. It can be used for a low-capital investment by contracting your mortgage home as long as you get paid. So you don’t have to pay it because it was paid by the tenant.

KPR Tricks to Be Easily Accepted

Although applying for a mortgage is quite easy, the decision to accept is quite difficult because the bank has to be really careful so that in the future it will not harm them. For those of you who want a quick mortgage, then we have the trick.

  1. Choose a house with payments depending on your income.
  2. Make sure your career is at a stable stage, as this is the main factor of the admission decision.
  3. Make sure the file to be provided to the bank is complete.
  4. Make sure you don’t have any other charges. Because if you have other payments, the chances of receiving it will be very small.
  5. Apply for credit according to your capacity.

The various related to KPR BCA realize that dreams are certainly very and useful. This is because this one bank has advantages compared to other banks providing mortgages.