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The resistance of the Singaparna people of West Java against the Japanese

The struggle of the Singaparna people of West Java against the Japanese in thehope of colonization was definitely the most difficult time for the Indonesian nation, although the struggle never stopped. This battle is certainly one of the great battles in Indonesia to make attempts to repel the invaders.

During the colonial period, of course, several things were done by the colonizers who made the Indonesian people miserable and tortured. Therefore, various efforts were made to be able to purchase both well-being and independence from the community, especially in the West Java area. This is certainly also done with the support of various parties in it.

There was an important figure who later appeared in the case of the resistance of the Singaparna people of West Java against the Japanese . With his leadership, more and more people joined forces to exterminate and exterminate the various unfriendly attitudes of the colonists, in this case it was Japan at that time.

Rejection of movements that cause fights

When Japan began to control Indonesian territory, it was not only to establish its power, but its different cultures were led to influence the people. You’ve probably heard or read about it. One of the cultures that Japan is also trying to instill is to pay homage to its flag.

Not only that, but Japan also tried to force the Indonesian people to sing their national anthem. Includes a salute to defy the sun in honor of the Japanese emperor or referred to as seikerei. Basically, in a religion believed by the Japanese people, bowing to the sun is a form of reverence for the sun god.

This was opposed and rejected by the Indonesian people and became one of the causes of the resistance of the Singaparna people of West Java against the Japanese at that time. It is certain that the existence of this seikerei is also opposed by many existing scholars because it is also similar to the prayer movement. So that it further clouded the hot atmosphere at the time and caused bigger problems between Japan and Indonesia.

There have been many important clerical figures who oppose this movement and urge their troops  to fight against the enemy army. Of course, this was done   to defend independence and did not want to do what the Japanese people believed. However, because it is strongly emphasized, the invading army  will  consider anyone who does not want to be a dissident and deserves to be punished.

Singaparna People’s Resistance to Japanese Politics

One of the clerics who rejected the seikerei movement at that time was KH Zainal Mustafa. He and all his disciples of pesantren Sukah clearly refused and stirred up the resistance of the Singaparna people of West Java against the Japanese. It also implies that muslims seikerei is an evasive act and should be avoided.

Of course, KH Zainal Mustafa did not keep silent about how Japan tortured anyone who rejected the movement. He began to devise strategies to increase strength so that he could rise up well against the Japanese troops. Troops of the students in the pesantren were deployed to fight the enemy.

Initially, before there  was resistance between the  people of Singaparna, West Java and the Japanese, the colonialists sent their people to hold talks with KH Zainal Mustafa so that he could understand. But it turned out that in the end the Japanese envoy was actually killed and angered the invaders, so they decided to use harsher methods.

Until finally the resistance of the singaparna people of West Java against the Japanese was no longer inevitable. Although indeed the number of troops is certainly inferior to many, so that the enemy army can control the resistance. There were so many pesantren troops who were held by the Japanese and put to death because they were dissidents and did not obey their orders.

Singaparna People Who Are Anti-Colonial-beleid

The people in the Singaparna area themselves are actually people who tend to be religious. So that the various policies of the colonizers are indeed very anti-anti, especially with the various atrocities that have been committed. This is very contrary to the religious concept adopted by most Singaparna people, namely Islam.

One of the obstacles to the resistance of the Singaparna people of West Java against the Japanese was because of the large number of people who died as a result of forced labor at that time. Similarly, all Japanese behavior seems inhumane. They have the heart to do everything they can to punish anyone who does not want to obey what has been ordered and is considered a rebel.

Moreover, more and more policies are being given on the Japanese side and there is no reason to reject this. The policy is considered to be contrary to religious teachings and is coercive in nature. So that this further makes people miserable and does not have the freedom to do according to their religious teachings.

The battle between the Singaparna, West Javanese and the Japanese , took place for about an hour in the village of Sukamanah. The troops led by KH Zainal Mustafa carried swords and pointed bamboo as his weapons. There is a combination in addition to the students, there are also troops from kempetai, Garut and Tasikmalaya. They all united to resist the arbitrariness of Japanese colonization, even though they eventually had to lose.

Meet the figure of KH Zainal Mustafa

KH Zainal Mustafa or who in his youth was known as Umri or Hudaemi was actually an ordinary person. He studied at pesantren Gunung Pari and changed many places as a traveling student. This is done to gain deeper religious knowledge from different types of teachers and scholars of course.

After studying at various Islamic boarding schools in West Java and because of his intelligence, Umri was then appointed assistant to Kyai Muttaqien. Umri has noble aspirations to be able to establish and manage his own pesantren. Until finally this dream was realized in the Baguer Village area, Singaparna. Of course, this is the story for the resistance of the Singaparna people of West Java against the Japanese.

Umri then changed his name to KH Zainal Mustafa after performing the hajj in 1937. He demanded learning Arabic as the most important thing that needed to be learned to make it easier to understand religious sciences. In his pesantren, however, teaching materials were also taught about Indonesian history and the defense of the motherland.

The existence of this material made KH Zainal Mustafa under the supervision of the intelligence service of the Dutch colonizers. Even later he was also imprisoned by the Dutch. Of course, this happened because of his criticism of the policies of the colonizers who were considered contrary to religious teachings and inhumane at the time.

He continued to do everything he could to defend his religion and people. Oppose any policy, from the colonizers to the Japanese coming to Indonesia. His love for the motherland is unquestionable. There have been many services as a national hero that have been carried out and have a great impact on the struggle of the Indonesian people.

The struggle of the people of Singaparna must indeed end in defeat. But also in other areas there was a lot of resistance to complete the policies of the colonizers that were not suitable for the well-being of the people. Starting from the resistance of the Singaparna people of West Java against the Japanese , the struggle of the Indonesian people was extraordinary to defend its independence.

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