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What is the function of a work certificate? Consider this

The function of a work certificate or whether it can be called a buglaring letter may be something that is frequently asked by employees who have worked now. Usually, this bucklaring letter is used by the employees who resign and requires a statement or reference from the PT.

The letter is a one-sided one issued by the HRD Department and is proof that the employee was a part of the concerned PD for a certain period of time. The letter also contains the last status and duration of the person concerned to work.

In addition, the letter generally contains public servant data as well as information about their performance and attitudes during their time as part of the previous PD and PD that provided the letter. This letter is also used as official proof if the employee is working in BT.

Basically, this letter is not limited to applying for jobs, but is also used for other things. In fact, this letter is used by immigrants, who will take care of official documents in the relevant institutions. The  various information related to the bucklering letters, including the function of the employment certificate, is as follows.

The contents of the Bucklaring letter that should be there

In fact, this bucklering letter contains a variety of information such as working as an employee and the PD involved. In addition, you do jobdesc according to the company’s demands. This letter also contains the length of the relationship between you and the company.

In some letters, the company also writes about the behavior of employees who do their job, the reasons why the employment relationship between PD and employees comes to an end, and thanks employees for the contributions they have made while working in the company.

A bucklaring letter is of course different from a dismissal letter. If it is a dismissal letter, this letter is a letter to be given by the company while dismissing employees, but the bucklering letter is not always given by the company. Usually, if there is an employee who makes a request, this letter will be issued, let alone contributed to the progress of the PT.

Make sure that the functionality of the work certificate is of course very important, therefore, if you are no longer working at PT, make sure that you ask for a job certificate. In addition, make sure that the correspondence information complies with the actual events, because it is necessary to apply for a job in another PD.

In fact, as long as the letter contains the title of a company and contains the valid signature and seal of an LLC, the letter can already be used for a variety of purposes. But still you need to reconsider whether the information there is really relevant.

How to get a Paklaring certificate

Before knowing what the function of  a work certificate is, many new employees are still confused about how to get a job certificate. In fact, getting a job certificate is so easy that you can ask for a letter from the concerned personnel department, and when you hear a letter, usually a company secretary will be done directly.

When requesting this letter, you need not be afraid or hesitate, because the person givingthis letter is already  your right as an employee. In addition, there are no rules for distributing bucklering letters to employees after you have stopped working in PD in a few universities.

However, usually the form of buckling letters between one company and another is slightly different. For example, a bucklaring letter from a banking company may be slightly different from a bucklaring letter from the creative field.

Demikian Though,  is the  function  of the work certificate the same? Of course it is the same, so the letter you hold can then be used as a way to manage a variety of documents or important needs. The requirement is not only to apply for a new job.

The functions of the Bucklering letters became very many

If only a bucklering letter is needed to apply for a job in a new BT, most employees think it would be really softer that this letter convinces us to hire a new PT to become employees. However, bucklaring letters are not limited to that. Here’s what it does:

  1. Looking for a new job. Finding a new job has become an important task. This certificate is useful for providing the career registration you have. Make no mistake, every achievement you’ve achieved from where you’ve worked before will help you discover the level of your career achievements.


The Bucklaring letter is an important reference to seeing the growth of the industry. So in the curriculum that makes you apply for a job, it’s not only written about your experience, but there are also real resources.

  1. Requirements when you want to get back bpjs funds at work. If you want to withdraw funds or distribute employment BPJS funds, you need to provide a bucklering letter file. Usually, the BBJS Ketenagagerjan hears a bucklaring letter that has been legalized by the company.

The collectedfile is a copy of it, so it is not an original letter. If you have added that letter, then you can provide funds for approximately 10 to 30 percent of the BPJS Ketenagakerjaan funds, even if you are still working as an employee at PT. Is  the function of the employment certificate enough to come here? No.

  1. Borrowing money from a bank. If you want to borrow funds or money from a bank, you also need this certificate. This letter is used as a condition for bank approval. Some loans require information if you are part of a company that works in a strategic position.

The bank will then consider whether you can actually pay off the loan by working in that position. Usually, the bank asks you to fill out this letter as a condition for the applicant who wants to apply for the loan. Loans can be not only financial, but also car or motorcycle loans. Is  the functionality of this work certificate really important.

  1. Apply for scholarships. Scholarships obtained from professional paths require a valid bucklaring letter and have been legalized by the company. This letter is actually a condition to be fulfilled if you apply for a scholarship through a professional means. Generally, these scholarships are awarded by the government or private sector.

There are conditions for obtaining a bucklering letter

After knowing  what the function of a work certificate is, another thing that cannot be forgotten is the requirements for creating this letter. Before issuing this certificate, there are many requirements that the employee must meet, sy a rat it is the  men ja on the note that the company can provide it.

  1. He resigned well. Employees who resign can obtain this certificate, and the absolute requirement to keep is to resign properly. As already mentioned, this certificate acts as a recommendation or reference to the previous company. So, if you don’t resign correctly, of course, you won’t be able to ask for suggestions.
  2. Work for at least 1 year. Working for at least one year is also a requirement for collecting a bucklaring letter . If you have not worked for 1 year, the employee is considered immature to fulfill his or her performance. Not only that, but this certificate is closely related to the ethics for running a business.

If you look at the functions of this letter, of course, this type of letter can provide employees with a variety of facilities, which, when deciding to leave and get another job, having this document will even help workers get their rights, so  identify whether the functioning of the job certificate   is good.

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