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Western brass, which attracts attention with its uniqueness

One of the geographically interesting areas and tourist locations in Indonesia is Kuningan, West Java. If you are there, you will get a different and fun experience to use as a tourist attraction. Whether it’s family or other close friends, so they give their own impression.

This area is divided into two plateaus, namely the mountainous areas in the western part of  the location adjacent to Mount Ceremai, while the eastern area is lowland. Of course, both have their own potential, which makes this area unique. Moreover, the culture is also still very thick in this area to give you new experiences and knowledge.

In this area, the main sectors of the economy are both agriculture and trade. So, indeed, when you are in Kuningan, West Java , you will find a lot of activities related to these two sectors. There is satisfaction and comfort , of course, interesting later will be felt when it comes to enjoying the atmosphere that exists, of course.

Many people choose to come there and enjoy a variety of incredible natural landscapes, especially the area around Mount Ceremai. There are many famous places that should not be missed. Of course, while maintaining the comfort of the environment so that its beauty can be enjoyed for a longer period of time by many people later.

History from the time of the Brass Kingdom

At the time of the development of Hinduism, this area was actually the Kingdom of the brass. After this kingdom, then it seemed to be cut its development with a rather long  historical record  , then came the period of development and spread of Islam in the area. Of course, this is not far from the influence of the Cirebon Sultanate that spread Islam in the  Kuningan area.

After the various descendants that existed in the kingdom and the spread of Islam there, it finally gave rise to several leaders with strong religious backgrounds in Kuningan, West Java. For example, Sheikh Datuk Kahfi, Sheikh Maulana Akbar, at Nyai Ratu Selawati, who is still the granddaughter of Prabu Siliwangi.

Then, in the period after indonesia’s independence was achieved precisely in 1946, it turned out that Kuningan had become a historic place, since it was chosen as a location for the Linggarjati negotiations. At that time, when he arrived in Kuningan,  the first president and vice president of Indonesia remained at the  home of the regent of Kuningan before the negotiations took place.

So indeed, in the course of its long history from the time when the kingdom still controlled Indonesia, Kuningan already has its own story. Various changes and developments continue to be made to this day so that the area can develop as a fun and interesting place  to travel  , of course.   You can find many interesting things in the area.

Typical tourist location of Kuningan, West Java

It is incomplete to discuss one of the regions of Indonesia without interesting tourist locations. In Kuningan , in West Java , of course, there are various tourist attractions that you can make an option when you are visiting there. Moreover, everything has been developed as well as possible, so that it can provide comfort to tourists who come and enjoy the atmosphere and beauty.

To relieve fatigue after traveling and making other excursions , you can choose to come to the hot springs. Located exactly in Panawungan, Kuningan. The warm water is still natural, so it will give you comfort to relax and relax for a while. The place is also quite comfortable, so you can enjoy the warm water, as well as the scenery of the surrounding mountains.

In addition, there is still a modern tourist location in the Kuningan area of  West  Java that you can try to visit, namely Sangkan Resort Aqua Park. This water playground has a variety of fun amenities and is certainly comfortable as a family tourist attraction. Not only that, but the location is also spacious enough so that you can spend a whole day with the family there.

One of the unique tourist locations that you must try to visit is Curug Sidomba. If usually the waterfall has a sufficient height, so as to produce a torrential fall, but in this place it is not more than 5 meters. This uniqueness is equipped with a beautiful view around the location , so you will surely feel more at home to relax and persist in that location.

Culinary tours to try in Kuningan,  West Java

A couple complete of tourist sites is the place to find interesting culinary delights. It is certain that  the Kuningan  area of West Java can also be found in different places that offer the typical culinary out there. For example, Warung Kasreng Luragung showing a view of the typical rural rice fields around it. So you can eat while enjoying the green landscape, which is very soothing.

Grage Lanai is not forgotten that you have to visit to get the feeling of eating with a view of Mount Ceremai Kuningan, West Java. In addition, the outdoor concept is also equipped with a gazebo and a fish pond around it. So the atmosphere that appears later is really very typical of Sundanese. You will enjoy to eat and relax there, which is of course interesting.

If you want to find a well-known place to eat in Kuningan is Kedai Hucap Ma Iroh. This hucap is a processed food that contains tofu and kupat then added with a special peanut spice. The price is also relatively affordable, so you can enjoy it in large quantities with your family or other groups.

Enjoying the original Indonesian tourist area  must be complete with culinary. In some tourist locations, you can usually easily find and specialties in the area. So, in this way, when you come together you can enjoy at the same time the typical culinary of the Kuningan area of West Java.

The uniqueness of the interesting brass area

Each region certainly has its own uniqueness, including Kuningan in West Java,  which holds interesting facts behind its natural beauty. There are various famous natural tourist sites out there, especially the area around Mount Ceremai.   So, for those of you who really prefer to travel to natural attractions, this is the most appropriate choice, of course.

Even for climbers, they will also be spoiled with three variants of climbing trails. Many people come there to try the sensation and enjoy the natural landscape of the mountain in Kuningan, West Java. So you can also try to feel  the feeling of the path directly.

Uniquely, the Sundanez culture in the Kuningan   area of West Java is still well maintained so that it is quite thick felt. The Paseban cultural village is a place that really will present it for you. All the uniqueness of the Sundanese culture is there, so you can also learn many new things from this location, as well as get to know one of the customs of Indonesia, of course.

Different types of traditional ceremonies are also often held in the area, so do not be surprised if when you are visiting and then to meet when there is an event. This culture, of course, must continue to be preserved so that it is not lost because of the different modern cultures that exist today. Therefore, you must know and understand this well, including those in Kuningan, West Java .

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